Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar with Laura Kerekes of ThinkHR: The Secret to Recruiting and Hiring. Finding and keeping top talent is something many small businesses find challenging. We hope you learned a lot from our presentation.

If you missed the webinar or would like to view it again, we recorded it for you. See below or click here.

To recap, here are a few takeaways from the presentation:

Finding talent.

Talent is scarce; we will see skill shortages as baby boomers retire. But training and technology can help bridge some skills gaps. Without training, how do people acquire skills?

Defining the great job.

Here are a few things to ask yourself about the job you’re recruiting for-

  • What’s going on in your industry?
  • What are the top three strategic objectives for the organization?
  • Why would an A player leave a good job to take this one?

Screen for culture, fit and ability to learn.

Four phases of the candidate experience.

Attraction – People want three things during this phase.

  1. A clear understanding of the company.
  2. Insight into the employee experience.
  3. A sense of connection.

Recruitment – What’s the easiest and biggest differentiator you can easily implement in this phase? Responsiveness. Sixty-five percent of candidates do not receive feedback.

Selection – A candidate wants these three things.

  1. To be prepared ahead of time.
  2. To have the opportunity to answer relevant questions.
  3. To receive feedback after the interview.

Onboarding – Four great, easy onboarding tips for a seamless transition into the new role.

  1. Lay the foundation for success.
  2. Do all of the paperwork in advance. (Check out or latest article on the benefits of digital onboarding!)
  3. Set up their desk, computer and other supplies.
  4. Focus on socialization, not policy and procedure.

Here are a few additional resources for you:

Webinar presentation slide deck.

PDF: Building effective recruiter relationships.

PDF: Interviewing booklet and checklist.

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